Fiori Installation Notes – SD

Track Sales Orders:

  1. Review note 1942942.
  2. SAINT to install UIX01EAP-100 and SRA018-600.
  3. SPAM to install SP’s 1-9, and 1-6 respectively (there are Attribute Change Packages as well).
  4. /n/iwfnd/MAINT_SERVICE to add service SRA018_SO_TRACKING_SRV.
  5. SICF to activate service SD_SO_MON (default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap).
  6. SU01 to create/copy/review user(s) for application.
  7. PFCG, role SAP_SD_TCR_T_X1, use template /iwfnd/RT_GW_USER, add trx SAP_SD_TC_T_X1.
  8. PFCG, role SAP_SD_SO_MON_APP, role menu SAP_SD_BCG_FIELDREP_X1.
  9. see Track Sales  for additional notes, extension points, related BAdI’s.
  10. VD02 to assign sales rep. to customer. Sales Area/Partner Functions, Sales Employee.
  11. PA30, infotype 105 to assign user name to employee number.

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