Project Experience

I have participated in numerous SAP implementations but for the last 8 years, I have specialized primarily in the HR / HCM modules.  This project work (similar to sustainment work) consists of the creation and modification of RICEF objects (reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements and forms).

Working closely with business and functional analysts, requirements are defined, and functional specifications are created.  As part of the build process (from the developer perspective), detailed technical specifications are created for each of the corresponding functional specifications.  Scripts for unit, string, and “user acceptance” testing are included as part of the specifications.  Both functional and technical specifications are subject to team and peer review for accuracy and completeness.

Tools and methodologies used to complete assigned tasks consist of:
■  Programs and Reports (SE38).
■  Class Builder (SE24).
■  Data Dictionary (SE11).
■  Function Builder (SE37).
■  Object Builder/Navigator (SE80).
■  Business Add-In – BAdI (SE18).
■  Enhancements (SE19).
■  User Exits (SMOD, CMOD).

User exits, BAdI’s and enhancement spots are used to modify and extend the core functionality delivered by SAP.

Typical developments include:
■  Extracting data from HR clusters, using logical database PNPCE (for data selection and authorization checks).
■  Creation of custom objects (such as Infotypes for persistence of personnel administration data).
■  Form creation/customization (Smartforms, SAPScript, Adobe forms {pdf}).
■  Numerous HR reports (ALV {CL_GUI_ALV_GRID}).
■  Screen modifications, report modifications and database modifications.
■  Interfaces to 3rd party systems (benefit providers, payroll providers and financial systems).

Contact information:
Phone:    403-400-4721